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The Best Protest Songs Ever!

It’s been said that music can change the world. Some might denounce that as exaggeration, but music does have the power to stir emotions and bring attention to worthy causes.

Over the decades, protest songs have led the way, offering a powerful and passionate testimony to those suffering, while urging listeners to lend support and solidarity in response. From chart-topping Motown to roaring classic rock songs, musicians of all genres have voiced their support for every cause-civil rights, famine, animal cruelty, environmental destruction and of course an end to human conflict.

Throughout history protest songs have galvanised the oppressed into resisting their oppressors – in the words of Martin Luther King Junior “freedom songs serve to give unity to a movement“.

“If there is something to be changed in this world then it can only happen through music”
Jimi Hendrix
WakeUp Radio

100% Protest Songs


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